“Jason is one of the most hard working and ambitious people I have ever met. His technical brewing and creativity are both top notch. I love bouncing ideas off of him as he's never afraid to think outside the box.”

Jeremy Kosmicki
Head Brewmaster, Founder's Brewing Company
Grand Rapids, MI

“I have known Jason for 5-6 years now, and he's the rare brewer who has both formal training and his thumb on constantly doing his own experimentation and self-development. He has really creative ideas and unique ways of approaching problems, but is also thorough in his work. When I first met Jason he was running dozens of experiments to tease out the sensory differences of a multitude of yeasts and bacteria and all the various combinations between them. His beers win awards and he seems to bring success to any brewery he has worked at. Jason can talk shop with the best of them and will tell it to you straight - qualities that should be prized in working with a consultant.”

Chris Davison
Head Brewmaster, Wolf's Ridge Brewing
Colombus, OH

“The main thing I want to say about Jason is that he listens; not just to the owner and the head brewer, but to the packaging operator, to the jaded brewer that had their theories discounted more often than not. His goal is success, not just through sales and awards, but through making sure the core of the brewery, the production team is cared and advocated for. He will also go to bat for the brewing team. Jason's focus is on what truly keeps a brewery going, their culture.”

Rebekah Grijalva
Brewer, Russian River Brewing
Windsor, CA

Jason is not only filled with passion for the craft, he also sparks the passion for those around him. Since I brewed my first beer with him over a decade ago, he not only instructed me on how to brew a variety of styles, but also taught me to gain a consistency in repeating the styles to perfection, which has surely carried over into my work in high production. He is well versed in not only classic styles, but also in experimental flavors you never knew you needed in craft beer. He does this intricately and practically utilizing the finest ingredients and in the right manner to really make flavors explode in your glass. His multitude of awards speak volumes, of course, but if you ever wanted to pin point the finest aspects of a Pilsner or how to brew Imperial Stouts more efficiently, Jason is the person I turn to. And no matter how confident I am in my work, just about every conversation I have with him he asks me a question I can't answer which throws me into deeper aspects of my own brewing expertise to learn why or how I do certain things certain ways. Jason is a teacher, an instructor, a shaman, and I've been blessed to have him as a resource all these years."

Rick Durham
Lead Shift Brewer, Brewdog Production
Canal Winchester, OH

“I have known Jason for many years, and he is one of the most knowledgeable people I know in the brewing industry. He has helped me gain knowledge on beer styles, brewing techniques, and trends in the brewing industry. I love to pick his brain on all things beer.”

Nick Benedek
Brewer, 3 Floyd's Brewing
Munster, IN

“I have known Jason for over 12 years. And over the last 12 years we have picked each others brains on different parts of the brewing process many times. Jason not only has the formal brewing education and knowledge of beer, wort, and the entire brew process, but he also has the hands on experience from working with startups to regional breweries teaching them how to make great beer. If your beer or your processes need to be brought up to the next level, Jason is the person with the knack for the right details to get your brewery making better beer more efficiently and consistently.”

Marty Lindon
Brewmaster, Millersburg Brewing Company
Millersburg, OH

The term beer Yoda is what comes to mind when describing Jason. He is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to brewing and life, and he marries the two seamlessly, putting abstract ideas into tangible thoughts and principles. Unlike other master brewers I've worked with in the past, Jason takes a uniquely collaborative stance when it comes to the brewing, he is quick to explore any ideas that team members have and will always go out of his way to discuss and explain the decisions that go into every aspect of creating a truly memorable beer. Jason is a great leader and makes it his point to ensure the team shares his passion and enthusiasm for creating not only great beer but great culture. I am glad to have worked with him, I learned so much under his tutelage and continue to do so to this day. The thing about Jason is he's always there to answer a question, collaborate, share thoughts or just ponder life with you. Great brewer, better friend.”

Brooks Williamson
Lead Brewer, Tommyknockers Brewing Co
Idaho Springs, CO

We hired Jason because we were in a bit of a funk. We were making innovative and well received beers, but when we entered them into brewing competitions we could never bring home the big silverware. We constantly strived to be the best, but despite all of our best efforts we could never quite get there. We sat down with him and went through all of our beers, and walked him through our brewing process. Immediately he pin pointed short comings in our brewing, and packaging process. We implemented all of his suggestions, and instantly noticed a significant improvement in all of our beers across the board. His depth of knowledge of brewing is second to none. I only wish we had hired him sooner”

James Windsor
Owner/Brewmaster, 1st of July Brewing
BC, Canada

“I knew of Jason before we met. He was the brewmaster of Artmonster, one of the great breweries in Korea. And then we met at Susubori, Korea's only brewing school. He was an enthusiastic teacher and shared his experience of brewing. I felt my brewing horizons were broadened after his class. When Jason moved to Alaska as the Brewmaster for 49th State Brewing I followed him from Korea to Alaska to learn more from him. I saw he made many changes to make nice and balanced beer. And we won 20 medals in 2021 as a result. If you want to upgrade your beer and production, work with Jason.”

Sangdon Lee
Brewer/Head Cellarman, 49th State Brewing
Anchorage, AK

“Not only is Jason a proven elite brewer, leading one of the most accomplished breweries in Asia, he is a passionate brewer. This passion further comes alive in the company of others, where you can witness the enjoyment he has for helping others. Be it through teaching, advising, or simply a round of beers with friends, Jason wants to help provide the world with great beer.”

Patrick MacKay
Brewmaster at Aton Brewery
Best Small Brewery (2021 Asia Beer Championship)
Seoul, South Korea

"Jason helped me hone my skills as a brewer. He has a robust knowledge of brewing and beer styles and how to execute them. Jason is also a valuable source for new ideas and is a walking tome of technical beer skills. He can walk into any brewery and instantly see room for increasing efficiency and quality. Jason came into a complete dumpster fire at the last brewery I worked at and against all odds and much adversity he fine tuned both equipment and brewers and garnered more national and international accolades in less than a year than the company had gained in the previous decade.

Devin Wagner
Brewer, Glacier Brewhouse
Anchorage, AK

“Jason's passion for brewing excellence and his encyclopedic knowledge of the science and art form have advanced the industry standards across the country of South Korea. And that's not an overstatement.”

Les Timmermans
Owner/Brewmaster, White Crow Brewing Company
South Korea

“I have worked with many expat head brewers and brew house owners over the years. Jason is the most professional brewer I ever worked with. By his attitude toward brewing and students(customers) he is giving helpful advice and real pro tips the students need, and his classes are even fun! Jason is not afraid to share his experiences in brewing and always wants to listen to other’s experiences. And he never stops learning and experimenting. The brewer and the scientist. I have no doubt Jason will do his best to solve the problem, teach, and brew the real good pint that makes you want to order more.”

Korean Native, English Translator at Susubori Brewing Academy
South Korea

“I was working with Jason for about 6 months and I can tell you that he is a great boss. He is a great teacher and a really good person. Jason has a lot of experience and knowledge that allows him to help others to develop their own skills. When I met him I was working good, but wasn't feeling empowered. But Jason helped me to grow up professionally and he provided me with the knowledge that made my skills improve.”

Carolina Ramirez
Quality Control Specialist and Lab Manager, La Pole Brewery

“Jason was able to help us solve many homebrewing customers issues and problems. Some of those customers ended up enrolling in his classes at the Susubori Academy as a result. Since then they have went on to become some of the most promising brewers in the country. His care of the homebrewing community was really superior to any headbrewer I have worked with. That's where I realized that Jason knew that the only way to grow a healthy tree is to plant healthy seeds. I am sure his legacy of respect for homebrewing will carry on for all the generations of headbrewers to come. Cause that's what happens when you lead by example as Jason did. ”

Stefano Dalla Gassa
Owner of Seoul Homebrew, Korea's largest Homebrew shop
Seoul, South Korea

Most Recent Testimonials (2022)

Jason and I had known each other from awhile back, and I called him in while I was opening a new brewery. Regardless of how long you have been brewing, it is always helpful to have additional technical help to sort out small issues. He was professional and thorough. We tasted through the first round of beers and adjusted water, yeast, and balance to greatly improve the recipes. He helped me dial in technical points on the brewhouse to better hit numbers and drastically clarify wort. The guy is like a sponge for technical brewing information, always absorbing and learning. He has seen a lot and freely shares all his knowledge, because he simply loves making beer the best it can be. While he can provide you with award winning recipes (he's won the most medals of any brewer I know personally), he can also help you build up and fine-tune the recipes for which you might already be well-known.I would definitely recommend him for small and big projects to help make clean, consistent beer, quickly. Whether he spends 3 days with you or 3 months, it is worth the investment.

John Shrader
Owner and Brewmaster of Noble Funk Brewing Company
Louisville, KY

Date of Project- March 2022

From the second Jason walked into our brewery it was crystal clear just how valuable his service truly is. Not only did he get us up and running, but he also taught us what it means to brew good quality beer. Taking over as the head brewer was a daunting task for me and he helped the transition run smooth and efficiently. Before Jason, Ohio Brewing Company had been stagnated and not reaching for innovation. I'm happy to say that will no longer be the case. His knowledge is unparalleled and he truly is a master of this craft. He drives home the thought process for you and can really engage your team to be the best they possibly can be. Jason was able to teach me more about beer in one month than I had learned over my brewing career and over my entire life leading up. He set us up with the proper vendors and even some niche ones that I will continue to use to make my beer even better. I can call on Jason for any question no matter how big or small and I know he will provide an answer that is going to not only satisfy but surpass all previous expectations. This man will turn your dream into a reality of being the best brewery you can possibly be and I'm now truly happy to not only call him my mentor, but also my friend.

Robert Lawrence
Head Brewmaster at Ohio Brewing Company
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Date of Project- April 2022

Jared Hatch- Brewmaster at Daedo Brewing. Winner of Best Brewpub at the 2021 Asia Beer Championships (South Korea) “Jason has definitely been an invaluable resource to me whenever I had questions about ingredients or different processes in the brew house. I would definitely recommend him as a consultant.”

Phillip Rankmore- Brewmaster at Hong Kong Beer Company (Hong Kong)

“I was an industry colleague of Jason's when we both worked in South Korea. I don't think you could find a more dedicated, hard working, and passionate person about production brewing and fermentation in general than Jason. In an industry that relies so heavily on the sharing of knowledge and information, Jason was always the first person I would go to when I needed to talk through a problem, just talk about beer, come up with a new process, or tackle some issue I was having. If you're looking to start something new or expand your process, or just to troubleshoot that problem you're having, Jason's the first person I would call. You'd be lucky to have him on your side.”

Kyu, Henry, John. Owners/Brewers/Former Students. Gamja Island Brewing- (South Korea)

Hi, we are kind of the legacy what Jason left here. We were selected as the best local brewery of Korea of 2021 by the most renowned Korean beer youtuber. I know Jason’s attitude towards brewing is legit as well as his brewing skills. Not only I but his countless international competition awards prove so. I am so looking forward to what he will achieve with his capability as a brewer, a teacher, and a consultant. Wish him the best luck in his next move for the sake of world beer industry and beer lovers all over the world.”

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